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Citizen Prosecutor Academy

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      Prosecutor Academy


  3. The Ellis County & District Attorney's Office is a law enforcement agency, and does a thorough background, criminal history, social media and references check of all applicants. The Office has the final authority on the selection of participants.

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    I hereby certify that there are no willful misrepresentations, omissions, or falsifications in the foregoing statements and answers to questions. I understand that any omission or false statements on this application shall be sufficient cause for rejection for enrollment or dismissal from the Ellis County & District Attorney Citizen Prosecutor Academy. I further understand that the Ellis County & District Attorney will be conducting a thorough background investigation that may include, but is not limited to, criminal history, employment history, social media history and personal references. I declare that I have never been convicted of a felony offense in this state or in any other state within the United States. I also understand that any participant may be removed from the Ellis County & District Attorney Citizen Prosecutor Academy if said participant is disruptive or otherwise inhibits the concept or implementation of this program.

  6. ***Please include a copy of your driver's license and submit it with your application***

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