1.   What is the Everbridge telephone emergency notification system?

In the case of an emergency or urgent notification, the Ellis County has the capability to notify residents via the telephone through a tool called Everbridge.  The system is geographical-based and allows the County to alert citizens based on their location and telephone numbers.  A pre-recorded message will play for a live person or an answering machine to provide information about the specific situation and if any action is necessary.  Citizens may register both landline phones and cellular telephones, so you can be notified whether you are at home, at the grocery store or at the kids’ soccer games.  To Register - Residents can now enroll using Ellis County Citizen Alert tab on the Ellis County Website.

2.  We had a storm last night.   Why didn’t I get a Everbridge Weather Warn Call?

First, make sure you are registered for Everbridge Weather Warn.  You must opt-in for the specific weather warnings you want to receive. Everbridge Weather Warn only sends calls to phone numbers linked to addresses in the storm’s path.  Although you may have rain at your house or hear thunder, you may not be in a severe warning area. 

3.   What do I do if I receive an Everbridge Message?

  • Do not call 911 unless instructed to do so
  • Don’t hang up until the message is complete
  • Follow instructions
  • Listen carefully

Register now to receive these messages.

4.   When will Everbridge system be used?

 The system will be used when an emergency situation arises affecting the citizens of Ellis County.  Examples include but not limited to:

  • Severe weather warnings
  • Chemical spill or hazardous waste problem
  • Evacuation notice
  • Flooding in a specific area
  • Gas Leak
  • Silver/Amber Alert in Garland
  • Utility outage

You will only receive a message if you are in the area impacted or it is a county-wide notification.  Register now!

5.   How do I make sure I am notified?

You must register, particularly if you have moved or changed your phone number in the last year or if you prefer to be contacted on your cell or business phone.

6.   What if I opted in for the Weather Warning system and decide I no longer want to receive the automatic weather warning messages?

 You may call 972-825-5199 from the phone that receives the Weather Warning calls, leave a voice message to "opt out" of weather-related calls only.  You will still be registered for other Everbridge calls.