Fire Marshal

Please call our office to make an appointment, 972-825-5555 or email

Due to Covid-19 we will not be allowing anyone in without an appointment.



The Fire Marshal’s office is responsible for ensuring fire and life safety and to reduce the risk of fire loss to the lives and property of the citizens of Ellis County. They are the law enforcement agency responsible for fire and arson investigations. The Fire Marshal’s office provides support to fire departments throughout the county.


Prior to purchasing property, building any new structures, expansion/remodel, splitting/selling property, or installing a septic system, please contact the Department of Development for information and better guidance.

CONTACT: DOD office: 972-825-5200 email:

  1. Department of Development
  2. Engineering
  3. Ellis County Fire Marshal

Inspections & Permits

No person shall perform construction or substantial improvement of a commercial establishment, public building, or multi-family dwelling with four or more units within the unincorporated areas of Ellis County without first securing a Permit under the Ellis County Fire Code.

The Fire Marshal’s office provides inspections and permits for foster and daycare homes.