Applications and Associated Information


All applications are now available in PDF format with fillable forms to type in information.


For new development & sign-off required by the water provider to ensure minimum waterline size, pressure, and flow for firefighting purposes are met. 

A required form for all simplified plats and final plats for the dedication of right-of-way. 

Lists, Fees, and Dates

Associated application fees and submittal calendar for items before Commissioners' Court. 

  • Plat Checklist                         All required items for a plat submittal on one page with other useful information.
  • Fee Schedule                            All fees associated with this department are listed here.
  • Submittal Calendar
    Application deadline to submit requests before Commissioners' Court with tentative action dates.

Samples & Examples

Below are a few samples of some requested information.

  • Performance Bond & Maintenance Bond   
    Sample language approved from the County Attorney to use when needing a construction/performance bond (100% of total infrastructure cost) & maintenance bond (40% of total infrastructure cost for two years.
  • Plat Sample / Example            This is a sample plat that has all the required language, submittal requirements, and preferred layout.  Contact staff if you have any questions.
  • Plat Language                            This is the official wording that is required for each plat.


If you ever wanted to know how our internal process works, see the flowcharts below.

Beginning January 1, 2018, a preliminary OSSF (on-site sewage facility) septic system design is required when submitting a development permit for all new construction of habitable residential or non-residential structures.