GIS, Maps and 9-1-1 Addressing

Ellis County GIS (Geographic Information Systems) manages the county's geospatial data, mapping products, NCT 9-1-1 Addressing GIS database and 9-1-1 Addressing. We strive to provide high quality authoritative products and continuously update our countywide datasets and maps.

Ellis County Web Map

For more information on 9-1-1 Addressing click here.

Email Ellis County GIS:

  • to request updates/corrections of data/maps (addresses, roads, other)
  • for information on printed maps up to 42" X 56" (available for purchase) 
  • for information on PDF maps (ready made PDF maps available here)
  • with GIS data requests

Looking for Parcel data? It's maintained by the Ellis County Appraisal District (ECAD) and is available for download from ECAD directly at the link below.  Please contact ECAD directly with all questions and concerns regarding the parcel data.