Ethical Practices



It is the policy of Ellis County that the following ethical principles will govern the conduct of every employee involved directly or indirectly in the County procurement process.

Responsibility to County

Employees will avoid any activities that would compromise or give the perception of compromising the best interest of Ellis County. Employees will not use confidential proprietary information for actual or anticipated personal gain.

Conflict of Interest

Employees will avoid any activity that would create a conflict between personal interests and the interest of Ellis County. Conflicts exists in any relationship where an employee is not acting in the County’s best interest and may be acting in their own best interests or the interests of someone associated with them.

Such conflicts of interest would include being involved in any procurement activity in which:

  • The employee or any member of the employee’s family has any financial interest pertaining to the Ellis County procurement process;
  • A business or organization in which the employee, or any member of the employee’s family, has a financial interest pertaining to the Ellis County procurement process; or
  • Any other person, business, or organization with whom the employee or member of the employee’s family is negotiating or has any arrangement concerning prospective employment.

If any such conflicts of interest exist, the employee will immediately notify the Purchasing Agent in writing and will remove himself/herself from the Ellis County procurement process.


Employees will avoid any appearance of unethical or compromising practices in all relationships, actions, and communications.


Employees will never solicit or accept money, loans, gifts, favors, or anything of value, from present or potential vendors, which might influence or appear to influence any purchasing decision. Generally, edible goods with a value of $50 or less are acceptable if shared with the entire staff and will not offend the prohibition unless it appears to influence a purchasing decision. If anyone is in doubt whether a transaction complies with this policy, the individual should disclose the transaction to the Purchasing Agent for interpretation.


It shall be a breach for any payment, gratuity or offer of employment to be made on behalf of a subcontractor under a contract to the prime contractor or higher tier subcontractor for any contract for Ellis County, or any person associated therewith, as an inducement for the award of a subcontract to order.

Confidential Information

It shall be a breach of ethics for any employee or former employee of Ellis County knowingly to use confidential information for actual or anticipated personal gain or for the actual or anticipated gain of any person.