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Indigent Health Care Program


Residence – The applicant must live in Ellis County and must intend to stay.

Household – A CIHCP household is a person living along or two or more persons living together where legal responsibility for support exists, excluding disqualified person.  A disqualified person is one who receives or is categorically eligible to receive Medicaid.

Resources – A household is eligible if the total countable resources do not exceed $2000.  If a household has a disabled or aged person that meets relationship requirement, resources cannot exceed $3000.

Medical Need – Must have a medical necessity to obtain services.

Income – Monthly net income not exceed 21% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines.



Medical attention through Hope Clinic.

Annual Physical Examinations – Examinations provided once per calendar year by a physician or a physician assistant.   Associated testing can be covered with a physician referral.

Medical screening – Services include blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol screening.

Laboratory and x-rays are professional and technical services ordered and provided under the personal supervision of a physician in a setting other than a hospital (inpatient or outpatient).

Cancer patients, ECIHC will cover only x-rays and blood work.

Prescriptions- This service provides up to three (3) prescription drugs per month.  Drugs must be prescribed by a physician or other practitioner within the scope of practice under law.

Inpatient hospital services must be medically necessary and provided in an acute care hospital to hospital inpatients, by or under the direction of a physician and for the care and treatment of patients.

Outpatient hospital services must be medically necessary and provided in an acute care hospital to hospital outpatients, by or under the direction of a physician.



Ennis Location
207 S Sonoma Trail
(tax office location)
Ennis TX 75119
Phone:  972-825-5085
Fax: 972-875-8437

Terri Klein - Coordinator


Maria Rivera - Clerk III
972-825-5354 (Spanish speaking)


Monday – Friday
9am – 4pm
Lunch 12-1:00pm