Precinct Three

Approved Re-Certification Request for Court Operating Plan

(Emphasis on Additional Requirements for In-Person Proceedings)

Court Operating Plan for Ellis County


For more information, please contact either:

Gabby Munoz for civil matters - 972-825-5039,

Jennifer Meza for landlord tenant issues, weddings, and tickets - 972-825-5032,

Marcia Saldana for criminal court matters - 972-825-5034,


The Justice of the Peace for precinct three is the legal jurisdiction closest to the citizens of the precinct. A justice of the peace may:

  • Issue warrants for search and arrest
  • Conduct preliminary hearings
  • Administer oaths
  • Perform marriages
  • Serve as a coroner in counties without a medical examiner
  • Enforce liens on personal property
  • Deal with matters concerning foreclosure of mortgages